If you are a millennial, you must have used Windows XP to play games and to draw shapes that never existed. The Windows are launched by Microsoft, and they have always tried their best to be the best operating system providers of the industry. This can be seen through their market saturation and the shares they have acquired over time. This time, they have launched the Windows XP Professional SP3, which has been allowing the users to accomplish their basic as well as professional needs. In other words, this Windows version is the predecessor of Windows Vista.

Windows XP Professional SP3 ISO Full Version

It is sad to state that Windows XP are no longer supported by Microsoft, but people still love Windows the same given the reliability and fast speed factors. The Windows XP Professional SP3 supports the SATA drives as long as they have the essential functions and drivers for the conducting of operations. Windows XP Professional SP3 has been struggling with network issues and other glitches which call for security features, bug fixings, and network enhancements. If you are using the older system of the PC, you don’t need to install the graphics card or the sound card for optimal functionality. However, Windows XP Professional SP3 has been incorporated with the user-friendly environment and alluring graphics, which is liked and cherished by all the users.

Features of Windows XP Professional SP3

In this section, we have outlined the multiple features of Windows XP Professional SP3, which have been making roars among the Windows users. Have a look!

  • NX APIs
  • Black hole router
  • SHA-2 Signatures
  • Network Access Protection
  • Group Policy
  • Security Support provider
  • Group policy
  • Imaging Components
  • Background Intelligent transfer
  • Management Console 3.0
  • Enhancements in Windows Installer
  • Improved Wireless LAN
  • Powerful and user-friendly
  • DirectX 8.1
  • Faster user switching
  •  Improved Media Center
  • Native support for the ZIP files

Windows XP Professional SP3 ISO Full Version

Requirements for Installing Windows XP Professional ISO

The following minimum requirements are needed for someone to install Windows XP ISO:

  • Itanium microprocessor with 733 MHz(800 MHz recommended)
  • 1 GB(memory)
  • 6 GB(free space requirement)
  • CD-ROM drive(media requirement)
  • Super VGA(Video Graphics Array)
  • Keyboard,mouse(input devices)

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